Jasper Sloan Yip


About the Artist

Post Meridiem is Vancouver songwriter Jasper Sloan Yip’s third full length album. Produced by John Raham (Dan Mangan, Frazey Ford, Dralms), Post Meridiem refines the blend of folk, rock and pop sensibilities Jasper has received critical acclaim for over the past decade. With eloquent reflections of life and loss woven through arrangements that climb from whispered confessions to soaring soundscapes, and supported with the beautiful orchestration of his string section, this latest collection of songs is easily his most realized. As Jasper puts it, “Continuing the pattern of my previous releases, Post Meridiem is a self-portrait. Or rather, a series of vignettes that, when considered together, give a sense of the whole. It is reflective by design; a distorted recollection of one's own life created with the hope that listeners will see some part of themselves somewhere in the hazy patch-work narrative before them.”





Agent: Adrian Krummel (EU / UK)